Freelance Go developer

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Deadline: as soon as possible.

Start: 1th of August 2018.

Freelance Go developer needed for maintaining and developing an advanced e-commerce system with many integrations to third party systems

A series of e-commerce sites in Denmark are driven by a founder and a developer. Now the existing developer wishes to leave and I (founder) am therefore looking for his replacement.

I’m looking for a person who’d be willing to take over his work and responsibility of maintaining and developing the webshop system. I’m looking for a person who’d be dedicated to the job, although sometimes it might not require much work, just a couple of hours a week to fix something. But there’ll be times which would require more hours of coding, as I have big plans for growing internationally.

I’ll visit Ukraine from time to time. And at the beginning you might need an introduction week in Denmark with the existing developer (for a nice hand-over), all the expenses will be covered.

The job

The part-time remote job can be divided into two categories:

  1. Maintenance
    • Maintaining and updating the existing code, so the webshops are online at all times.
    • Fixing bugs (which may appear either because of deployment of new features or unforeseen corner cases).

    Amount of time per month: 0-8 hr.

    Most of the time the system runs by itself, as it is well-built and hosted on a stable App Engine solution.

  2. Development
    • New features - examples:
      • Integration to new logistics partners.
      • Integration to new market places.
      • New internal features for order handling, tracking/analytics, economy/accounting, stock level planning etc.

    Amount of time per month: 1-4 days on average.


  • Server/hosting: Google App Engine.
  • Back-end: Go lang.
  • Template system: Go’s built in.
  • Front-end: HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Repo: BitBucket.

Primary role / occupation

Developer and system architect.


Ukraine, preferably Kyiv or Lviv.

Salary range

You will be paid by the hour based on your skill level. We will have to negotiate this before starting.

As the hours sometimes can be very low (or almost nothing) I am willing to pay a minimum maintenance fee equal to 8 hr of work per month (no matter if this amount of work is done or not).

On average you may expect 1 full working day a week, with heavier workload it might get up to 3 weekdays per week. The project is run by a flexible schedule with no rush-deadline periods, but wise think-ahead and plan-ahead management, which can always be discussed.

Work experience, years

Experience working with e-commerce systems or other complex systems would be an advantage but not mandatory as long as you are willing to learn.

If you don’t already know and enjoy the advantages of Go and Google App Engine it’s not a deal-breaker. But you have to quickly learn these languages and tools to get up and going.

On both personal and professional level, I expect you to pay attention to details, take pride in your work and show ownership of your code.

It should come natural to you to prefer long-lasting and stable solutions rather than quick fixes and shortcuts.

English level

Upper-Intermediate/ Advanced

Send your application to Martin Willer Tychsen ( as soon as possible.

Deadline: as soon as possible.

Start: around 6th of August 2018.